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St D’s Assassins – The Rules

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Welcome to the game. The aim of the game is to avoid ‘assassination’ yourself, and to eliminate your targets without detection. There are limitations to the times and places in which assassinations can occur, and each one of you also has an incentive to police the group by reporting any attempted assassinations to me.

The Assassination

You will be informed by private message who your targets will be. You should try not to divulge your targets, as this may end up spoiling your chances of getting them. In order to assassinate your target, you must place a worn sock on their person without either them, or anyone else noticing. The sock must be placed on them, not in a bag or accessory; although if (for example) they put on a coat with the worn sock in the pocket, that will count as an elimination. You may perform the assassination at any time and in any place other than those exceptions that are stated in the rules, but if you are caught and/or eliminated yourself; your assassination will not be counted. Once you have eliminated your target, send me a message on Facebook telling me where and when you did the deed (and with what colour sock). This will go into a ‘kill file’ which will be used as evidence in the prize-awarding. The kill file will also be aided by submission of a photo taken of the victim!

Getting Caught

If you spot someone attempting an assassination, tell me or send me a message on Facebook stating who you saw attempting to eliminate whom and where. If the report turns out to be accurate, the elimination will not count, and the assassin will be out of the game – and you will be a successful snitch. If you catch someone in the act of assassinating you, you must inform me of where and when you caught them – if your report matches the kill file, I’ll believe you; if it doesn’t, I’ll know you’re lying. If you are caught or assassinated yourself, I will not inform you until the game finishes – so you will need to assume everything is fine and remain vigilant for the whole duration.

Safe Zones / Times

The following zones and times are not permissible for assassinations:

In the Church buildings whilst any Church service is on;

During any youthwork sessions (e.g. whilst at TGIs, Pathfinders, Reload);

At School;

In your target’s house or in your own house;

Anywhere that is dangerous e.g. on a road.

Winning Prizes

At the end of the game time, the kill file will be the evidence used to give prizes. If you have been assassinated, you will not be able to win a prize. If you have been caught you will also not be eligible for prize-winning. If you have not been caught or assassinated, then your successful kills will be counted and the winner will be the person with the most success. If there is a tie, then the winner will be the person with the most successful snitching record.


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June 8, 2010 at 5:39 pm

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