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LlanJAM topics for debate will be updated on the blog more or less weekly. Once I’m done with them, they’ll come here to the archive. There’s some proper good stuff here, so worth a look if you like.

The LlanJAM group meet weekly and debate a certain issue of ethics / morality / religion / wisdom. The group has many different voices from many different backgrounds and proves to be interesting every time.


French Revolutions

Have the French got the right ideas as of early 2010? The first issue is with the expulsion of Roma communities; see a news link and its related threads here. Is this emminently sensible, as such a move ultimately guarantees safety in regulated building and community; or is it simply racist?

Do the EU reprisals make sense as they are upholding human rights; or are the nit-picking pedants with a fondness for EU legislation for the sake of legislation? The EU’s right to movement within its member states is obviously in the favour of the Roma communities here; but isn’t there an argument that their right to EU movement would be best used to escape latent racism?

The second and third issues are to do with apparent religious discrimination. Although the French government would have it that it is to do with upholding human rights. It is, of course, the banning of the burqa.

BBC news link here. Just google the topic of ‘burqa ban’ to see the extent and debate of the situation right across Europe. The debate is whether this is religious intolerance on behalf of the lawmakers; or human rights violations on behalf of the religious minorities who actually practice the wearing of the burqa. There is obvious and compelling evidence on both sides, but can there be any correct answers, or indeed, any winners in this situation?

The third point is one man, Rachid Nekkaz, and his (ig?)noble promise regarding this law now passed in his native France.

News story here to catch you up. So is this guy, a French national from birth, to be applauded for upholding religious values in spite of an oppressive system? Or is he to be derided for underwriting civil disobedience and encouraging his fellow citizens to break the law?

On all three… You decide.


Written by two5two

November 1, 2010 at 12:52 pm

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